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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Flag Salesman, Istanbul

So whats the deal with flags? After 9/11 flags popped up everywhere especially on fire trucks. Some took issue with that especially in California where some cities passed ordinances prohibiting them on fire trucks. I asked a friend in one of those cities why and her response was that to allow flags to be flown would indicate excessive patriotism*.
Its very interesting to see the difference in the middle east. Here flags are everywhere. In Aqaba there is a huge flagpole and flag that can be seen miles away on all sides of the city. I'm told that the flag and flagpole is much larger in Amman. A few days ago in Turkey I noticed a large flag on the hill outside the market and looking down the street counted a total of 9 flags. In every city you see them hanging in front of stores or from apartment balconies. I wonder if the same people that took offense at flags on our firetrucks would criticize the display here. Maybe it's only politically correct to criticize Americans.

* Webster's Pocket Dictionary: Patriotism -to love his or her country

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