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Friday, July 6, 2018

World Trade Center NYC

World Trade Center from New Jersey

The Oculus

The World Trade Center Transportation Hub known as the Oculus is a Path Train stop and hub to connect with subways in Manhattan. It was completed in 2016 and is one of the most photographed buildings in New York.

Ghosts of Ellis Island

The Parisian Street Artist known as JR who is known for his large installations of photographs pasted on the sides of buildings was invited to paste up photographs in the old hospital on Ellis Island. These are copies of old photos of people who came through Ellis Islands and Doctors and Nurses who worked there.

Ellis Island

Bridge to Ellis Island

John McInnes of "Save Ellis Island" arranged this photo tour and our group leader was Tony Sweet. After getting our helmets and masks we spent the day in parts of Ellis Island that are closed off to the public. We also were able to bring tripods which are normally not allowed but needed for exposures that can last several seconds. Most of the time was spent in the old hospital including Doctor and Nurses quarters, operating rooms, wards, the laundry, the kitchen, the morgue, and numerous hallways and stairs.

To NYC and Ellis Island

Fog in the River Valleys

New Jersey

Landing at Newark

Reflections of Condo High-rise

NYC Skyline

Always wanted to photograph at Ellis Island as my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother came through there in 1892, the year it opened. My mothers grandparents also come through there a few years later. Finally there was a opening to spend all day there with unlimited access including with tripods. Didn't realize it would be during a heat wave. With temps in the high 90s and high humidity it felt hotter than Arizona. Was well worth it and would do it again. The group leader said the last time he had access it was winter with the temperature 25 below. OK, we will take the heat.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


P.S.  Update  June 19, 2018
My condo was less than 2 miles from the crater or lava lake as it was called and you could see the glow from my place. It was more active than it was last year when I was there and even at times had spurted some lava. It was the day I left that the crater collapsed. Some of my favorite photo spots were on highways 132 and 137. That intersection is now under the lava river that yesterday was flowing at over 26,000 gallons a second. All along 137 there were warm tide pools heated by geothermal activity some along the shore some just back in the jungle. There was even a large one that was a public park. The entire bay at the end of 132 is filled in and the flowing lava is building new land beyond the filled in bay. Hope it will leave some more warm tide pool to swim in.

The photo "New Growth in Lava" was at the intersection of 132 and 137 and now it is under the flow and the photo "Unnamed Road" is just to the North of the intersection, great trees hope they survived.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Hawaii, the Big Island

Path to Room


View from Room Window

Tree at Rainbow Falls, Hilo

Hilo Beach

Old Dock at Whittington Park

Chain of Craters Road

Lava, Chain of Craters Road

Unnamed Road

New Growth in Lava

It's a Hard Life on Mauna Kea

On Mauna Kea

Beach Hilo

The Big Island is my favorite for photography as it is so diverse. It has a dry and a wet side, really wet, with over 300 inches of rain a year in some places. There are rolling green hills in the ranch lands of the north, large expanses of lava, black sand beaches, roads going through tunnels of trees, a road going to almost 14,000 feet with several observatories on top, giant ferns and Banyan trees, and did I mention rain.

Next April we will be doing a photography workshop in Hilo. In addition to photography we will also be making digital negatives and Platinum prints. Link


Kaija and Samia

With Mom

Diamond Head from Museum


View to Ocean

View to Hills

It has been many years since I stayed in Honolulu but stopped for a few days to see the Granddaughters on my way to the Big Island. It's unbelievable how much the city has grown. Even from my 11th floor room you could barely see the ocean and don't ask about the traffic and crowds. It's a real contrast from the Big Island.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

To Chandler in the RV-6

This RV-6 is the last plane we built. Hard to believe it was 28 years ago. Reese was my partner in business and on the plane and later I sold my share to him. Since then he has upgraded the panel which also included auto pilot. I thought having a radio was a big deal when we built it as I was used to flying with just the Rand McNally Atlas for navigation, including to the EAA convention in Wisconsin and back.

When he was flying to Chandler on Sunday I jumped at the chance to fly along and see the new panel in action.

Lake Havasu City

London Bridge, Lake Havasu City
190 GS, Ground Speed, with headwind

Havasu Palms, Down Lake

Agriculture in the Desert

Chandler Airport

Sister ship, Chandler Airport

Home Again

Lake Havasu Airport

One hour down, one hour back. The drive would have been 4-5 hours each way, if the traffic was light.