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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

To Chandler in the RV-6

This RV-6 is the last plane we built. Hard to believe it was 28 years ago. Reese was my partner in business and on the plane and later I sold my share to him. Since then he has upgraded the panel which also included auto pilot. I thought having a radio was a big deal when we built it as I was used to flying with just the Rand McNally Atlas for navigation, including to the EAA convention in Wisconsin and back.

When he was flying to Chandler on Sunday I jumped at the chance to fly along and see the new panel in action.

Lake Havasu City

London Bridge, Lake Havasu City
190 GS, Ground Speed, with headwind

Havasu Palms, Down Lake

Agriculture in the Desert

Chandler Airport

Sister ship, Chandler Airport

Home Again

Lake Havasu Airport

One hour down, one hour back. The drive would have been 4-5 hours each way, if the traffic was light.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Joshua Tree, Photography and Platinum Printing

So the question is, can you do Platinum prints on location?  Answer.  Yes, we can photograph, make digital negatives, and make Platinum prints all on location. All we needed was an Epson 1430 with Piezo inks and a 8 foot table for the trays. Up at 4AM to catch morning light in the park then back to the condo to make negatives and prints before going back to the park to photograph in the evening light. That left time to work on images in the evening with enough time for the optional sleep period before the 4AM alarm. It was a busy five days but we even got to Box Canyon and to Bombay Beach on the Salton Sea.
Don Messec already has next years workshop listed on his web site He also lists the March 2019 Big Island Hawaii photo and Platinum printing workshop. More negatives and prints but but a different location.


Cottonwood Springs

At Live Oak

At Jumbo Rocks

In Box Canyon

Scull Rock

Some of the Platinum Prints

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Eclipse of the Moon

There was an eclipse of the moon this morning. This photo was taken during the middle of  totality which was between 5:51 and 7:07 AM. Was hoping that time frame would have the moon right at the horizon with a great reflection in the lake but by the time it got much lower it was too light out and totality was over.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

To Yuma and Home through Joshua Tree

No Curly Fries Today at the Stone Cabin Oasis

Looking for Curly Fries

Just North of Slab City



Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree Ocotillo Patch

Every year we have been going to Yuma to buy dates from a farm there that has the best Medjhool Dates that are picked fresh in October. This is a good reason to make a photo trip and the weather was perfect the other day. FromYuma went west then up the east side of the Salton Sea. Made a brief stop at Slab City just beyond Salvation Mountain, East Jesus, and Bombay Beach on the Salton Sea. Wanted to get to Box Canyon before dark so didn't spend much time at these other locations. After Box Canyon spent the night in Indio then want up to Joshua Tree National Park the next day driving through Box Canyon on the way.

Box Canyon

Evening in Box Canyon

Collapsed  Tree in Box Canyon

Box Canyon near Indio California was the original road going East long before the freeway was built.  I was first on it almost 50 years ago when I was driving from California to Phoenix in my Bugeye Sprite. A massive flood had closed a eastbound section of the freeway but I was told about the road through Box Canyon was open so took it East until it joined up with the freeway. Even with the rain coming down I remember that curvy road through the narrow canyon. It's only lately that I have gotten back there on some photo trips.

Cloud Museum

Several times on trips to Yuma I had seen The Cloud Museum but had never stopped. Today there was time and the light was good for photography and the owner said I could bring my camera and tripod and take as many photos as I liked. The open air Cloud Museum has the largest collection of old cars I have ever seen. There were over 100 Model T's and over 50 Model A Fords among other vehicles and antique machines. Could easy spend a whole day there and not see it all.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Crawfordville to Orlando

Hampton Springs

Crawfordville is in a remote area and early in the morning several miles out of town a black panther (Jaguar) crossed the road in front of us. It was about the size of the Mountains Lions we see in Arizona and was definitely a large black cat, not a black bear.

The Hampton Springs Hotel Site is near Perry. The hotel was built in 1908 on the site of some Sulphur springs and at one time there was a Casino, Ballroom, Covered Pool, Golf and Tennis Courts, Railway Depot, Hunting and Fishing Lodge, elaborate fountains and gardens, and a bottling plant to bottle the spring water for customers around the nation. It was abandoned after burning down in 1954.

After a stop in Crystal River I was off to Orlando for another adventure in flying. It's a great way to get somewhere if you have the time.

Pensacola and Beyond

Starting at Pensacola the sand on the beach changed to white. At Mexico beach there was a long wood pier. At dusk Somewhere near Alligator Point there was a pier with numerous big white birds.


Next stop after New Orleans was Biloxi, Mississippi. It seemed like the wide beach was over twenty miles long with numerous remnants of old piers. Across from the beach was the Ohr-O'Keefe Museum with five buildings designed by Frank Gehry surrounded by large Oak trees.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Fort Macomb

Just a few miles out of New Orleans is Fort Macomb. Found it on a satellite map but would never see it driving by as it is completely covered by vegetation. This fort with wall 40 feet thick was  built in 1822 to guard the access to Lake Pontchartrain.  It had been taken over by the Confederate States at the start of the Civil War and later retaken by the Federal Army but was abandoned in 1867.

The fort is surrounded by water on three sides and closed off from the road by two fence lines topped with barb wire. The best way to see it is by boat. It is a shame it has not been kept up and opened to the public even on an occasional basis.

Fort Pike, a few miles away and identical to Fort Macomb was restored and opened as a park but the state closed it a couple years ago.