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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Flying in the B-17

Ready to Fly

Reese Mead

Forward gun and bomb sight

Approaching town, Lake Havasu City

The London Bridge

Looking back to Lake Havasu City from Down  River

West side of Lake
Thanks to Reese got a chance to fly in EAA's B-17. Great day to fly and I was able to crawl into the Bombardiers compartment and get some photos as we flew over town. It is a big plane but very small and crowed inside as it has been restored just like they flew during the war with all original equipment including the bomb sight and machine guns in place.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017



The Experimental Aircraft Association's B-17 stopped in town this weekend and I have a chance to fly in it with Reese Mead.
This B-17G Flying Fortress was built in 1945 and restored by the EAA is one of only a few still flying. It is powered by four Curtiss Wright 9 cylinder radial engines and has a fuel capacity of 1700 gallons which are around $5 each at the airport. During the war it flew with a crew of ten which is how many passengers it now carries. Inside it is very crowded, you need to turn sideways to get through the bomb bay and to get to the nose gunners position you crawl through a narrow passageway. I'm sure the crew of 18-20 year olds had a much easier time than we did getting into through the tight spaces.