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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Palmyra Ruins

Castle from Temple of Bel

Funeral Tower
Castle and Columns

Funeral Towers

Evening Light

Palmyra Theater

Temple of Bel

April 14

4:30 AM came early but getting out in the ruins made it worthwhile. Covered several miles on foot without seeing anyone, only a noisy  dog. Three hours later it was already a great day. This afternoon we went into the Temple of Bel. It is huge with many large columns, would like to have seen it when it was in operation. Later drove up to the castle and went inside. it is high on a steep hill and has a moat carved about of solid rock surrounding it. Would have liked to see it being built. The design itself must have been a challenge.
Still unable to get on the blog or to even upload any photos to web sight. Saw on a news website that the US reports that Iran is helping Syria with web, phone, and telephone control. Not sure I can get a phone call out. I have an unlocked quad band phone and in Damascus was able to get a sim card after having my passport copied and getting fingerprinted. Did call Karen from Damascus but will not call again unless it is an emergency. Don't know how much control there is on cell phones, but in some areas they are shut down. Will put this on blog. with photos from Turkey

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