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Monday, April 4, 2011

Packing for Syria

Packing today, leaving tomorrow. Tomorrow to Dallas to meet my brother who is also going. Wednesday to Amsterdam, Thursday to Istanbul, Friday to Damascus. Planning three days in Damascus, hoping to get at least one day in Lebanon then pick up our rental car and spend the next two weeks touring Syria. My previous two trips in Syria have been with an overland group on a tight schedule so it will be great to have a car and time to photograph in places that before were just seen in passing. Syria is really a walk through history with Roman Ruins, Crusader Castles, and the oldest cities in the world so even this trip will be too short, sorta like trying to see the US Southwest in a two week trip.
Hope to be able to get photos on the blog but internet may be a problem while in country. Will be back in Turkey for a week at the end of the month and will get photos on the blog then. In Istanbul you can sit in the park in front of the Blue Mosque and have free wi-fi.

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  1. Hi Jim, all the places you have been are so interesting. Have a wonderful trip. I wish I could see that country, but never will so I'll enjoy it through your eyes.