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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Citadel in Aleppo

Gate to old City of Aleppo

View from top of Citadel,red tile roof in very center to left of large white building is our hotel

Passage in Citadel

Aleppo Citadel

Steps to Barron Hotel

In the Citadel

Houses behind Citadel

Building behind Citadel

Steps to Citadel

April 17

Yesterday after we got here to Aleppo we walked over to the citadel, This is the biggest citadel I have ever seen and sits on a large mound were there is ruins unearthed that go back to before 3000 BC.
 Now I can't even get on line to send emails, even went to other hotels to see if it was signal strength but have a strong signal but can't get on internet. Will try from Hama in a couple days.
This morning walked back to citadel and climbed to the top then walked through the giant souk. It was very crowded with everything for sale from camel heads at the butcher shops, spices, fabrics, and much more. Very crowded passage ways with deliveries done by motorcycle and donkey.
Our hotel room window looks out on to the Baron Hotel which 100 years ago was one of the premier hotels in the Middle East. Guests there have included Charles Lindbergh, Theodore Roosevelt, Agatha Christie, and TE Lawrence. Now, however, it is run down but still in use.

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