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Monday, April 11, 2011

Our Neighborhood

Entrance to Sharia al-Qaimariyya
Entrance by Old City Gate
One of the Entrances

Jeff with chips [french fries] on a stick
A few minute walk in the maze of of narrow streets in our neighborhood you can find most anything you need. There are numerous little bakeries each with it's own specialty, flatbread, pastery with fruit baked in, sweets with pastry and honey, and even pizzas, all hot out of oven. There is a great ice cream shop and a cafe where you can get fresh squeezed orange juice while sitting under a 2000 year old arch. There are many artists and craftsman who make wood boxes inlayed with pearl and hardwoods, jewelry, silver and copper plates, wooden furniture, even kitchen knifes made from steel from car springs. Yes, you can even get french fries [here they are not called freedom fries] on a stick. They spiral cut potatoes and deep fry them. The french fries from the street stand are much better.

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