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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday, Karnak Temple

Up at 5 AM to walk to Karnak Temple, the idea is to beat the crowds and to photograph in good light. Also was hoping to get my tripod in, it always creates a problem trying to get 35 pounds of camera equipment into some regulated space, but a tripod seems to set off alarms. In Turkey any place that has an admission charge refuses to let tripods in. Arrived before they opened and found some one to let me go around the metal detectors and xray equipment but after getting in was stopped by the gatekeeper who said I needed a ticket for my tripod. If I had known I could bring it in with a ticket I would have bought one but getting such information is impossible, everyone I asked didn't know and sometime the rules change at a whim. At least I was able to photograph before the crowds arrived. Arrive they did, when I left at 7:30 there were many tour buses filled with tourists from the monster Nile cruise ships. Once we leave Egypt there will be far fewer tourists with Petra and Ephesus being the exceptions.

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  1. Jim, was there any explanation of the heirogliphics on the pillars and what they were about or are they still not deciphered? Dan Selby (I like the worn steps picture)