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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Elephant Island

Went out at 5 am to photograph, no problem as I was wide awake at 4 am. Took the ferry over to Elephant Island. The island has ruins from the Old Kingdom going back several centuries BC and huge granite boulders at the south end. There are also two Nubian villages with there colorful mud brick houses. Makes a great place to get lost in the maze of houses and ruins. It is hotter than normal here, about 105F, and with the humidity even 5 am was hot.

Aswan is the end point of the Nile cruising, there are a lot of the monster cruise ships here and they tie up along side each other. Watched one come upriver and to off load its passengers the three already tied up had to untie and move out into river then return to tie up to the new arrival.

When I got back to hotel saw the maid had used my hat to complete her towel sculpture. Tomorrow start our trip down the Nile by feluccas, a traditional sail boat.

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