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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cairo Day Two

A new Day and a taxi driver that speaks english. He also didn't try to scam us. He took us to the Citadel and then asked where we were going next and then made a deal to wait for us and take us anywhere we wanted. From the Citadel to the Market, he took us everwhere for about six hours then back to hotel for a hundred Egyptian Pounds,less than $20 US. He earned a good tip after the problems I had yesterday with taxi drivers.

The view from the Citadel is great and normally you can see the pyramids but as the view of the Cairo skyline below shows the air today was not clear. Today we meet the group, some who have come in from Tunis, and tomorrow go to the pyramids then in evening take the all night train to Aswan. Am ready to leave Cairo.

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  1. Watch oout for the camel droppings. I heard they uncovered a new Phinx (sp).

    Mike Barton