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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Leaving Egypt Sunday

So it's 5:36 PM and the noon ferry to Jordan is leaving and we and the truck are on it. We left our "Garden Camp" in Dahab at 6:30 Am and arrived at the ferry terminal at 8:30 AM to catch the noon ferry. Special thanks to the Tourist Police which helped us get through the immigration line. Would have taken hours without their help. We then entered a very large holding hall which main feature was smoke. Again we were helped by the Immigration and let us go to Police who saw us huddled by a broken window for fresh air and let us out a side door to go to truck. the truck, however was caught up in border crossing hell. It seems someone in Libya had put down the wrong vin number and the truck would not be allowed to leave. The problem was resolved in the usual way and joined us on board. We boarded around 1:00 PM and were seated in tables in what was the crews cafeteria. This would be our home for the next 10 hours when we arrived in Aba. from there in was a short drive to the Bedouin Garden Camp.

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