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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Platinum Printing

Negative with rubylith border

Negative with out border

Platinum Print

Platinum Print

I used to make platinum prints from my large format film negatives because to make a platinum print you need a negative the same size as the print. Platinum is a contact printing process where you coat the paper with the platinum solution and expose it with UV light then develop it. Until now there has not been a process to make negatives with the digital files that worked well.
With the recent addition of a new printer and Piezo inks that use 7 shades from light grey to black it is possible to make continuum tone negatives of any size. The big problem for me was the software needed but with the help of Don Messic and Michael from Santa Fe that was solved. Everyone needs friends who are computer geniuses.
The above negatives and prints are some of the first from this process. The difference in the prints is the rubylith border that s used to block UV light. Without the border you see the black border of the coating process.

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