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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Flight Home, Amsterdam to Portland

Leaving Amsterdam

First Land in North America

Ice, Hudson Bay

Over Canada


Had a daylight flight from Amsterdam to Portland which went over the center of Greenland. Except for Greenland which was covered with clouds the rest of the trip was mostly clear.
The flight from Tel Aviv to Amsterdam left at 3AM. After clearing customs in Portland flew on to LA. The next day flew from LA to Dallas for my mothers 94th birthday
Another travel tip if you want to visit Israel, avoid the time around Easter. It's not just Easter Sunday it is all the other days. On Saturday all the restaurants I had eaten at were closed so I planned to go into town Sunday morning. My first stop was to get bagels for breakfast. The bagel shop was open but no bagels as it was a no bread day having to do with Easter. Could get a salad but no croutons on it and forget about pizza. The next day I planned to go to my favorite restaurant for my last dinner in Jerusalem and even skipped the lunch stop in Jericho so I could have a good dinner in town that night. Walked up to town that evening, Monday, and everything was closed. Every place I had eaten at for the past two weeks was closed. Stopped at the Palestinian grocery on the way back to the room to get some snacks for dinner and the flight home. Needed to be at the airport, a hour or more drive, at midnight so called the recommended taxis companies and only got an Hebrew message on the answering machines. Called an hour later thinking maybe they had been closed for dinner during my first call. Still no answer so was able to call my tour guide at home to see if he had airport service telling him that there was no answer from the taxis companies. He did not but suggested I should call the taxis services in a couple days as they would be open then. Two days, I need to be at the airport in five hours. He gave me the number of an Palestinian taxis driver who was open was able the understand enough English to figure out how to find my place.
I had two guide books and none outlined all days businesses were closed during the time around Easter.      

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