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Wednesday, April 10, 2013



The vender beside the hotel said he was selling sugar, Jordan's version of cotton candy.

Left for Petra on the Kings Highway. It lies on the top of the ridge running north to south. The desert highway lies to the west and the road following the Dead Sea valley to the west. All three routes run north to south but the Kings Highway is supposed to have some great vistas. It does have great vistas and more. It has steep up and down grades and many curves but that's not all. It goes through many towns with chaotic traffic and it's not unusual to go around a curve and find someone passing in the oncoming traffic or find trucks parked in the road. Don't even mention the speed bumps that are everywhere and mostly unmarked. We refer to them as launchers as it is not unusual to get air from an unmarked one hit at over 100KPH.  In towns cars will be double parked and roads blocked. Took 7-8 hours to go the 100 miles or so. the scarey thing is you soon learn to drive like that with you had on the horn and passing a slower car while it is passing an even slower truck. Wanted to get some photos up from Petra but internet problems make it impossible today.

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