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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Petra to the Dead Sea

Rock Formations along Road

Driving on steep road to Dead Sea

Farmland at South end of Dead Sea

Dead Sea

Salt formations at Dead Sea

Clear and Calm Dead Sea

After taking the slow route on the Kings Highway to Petra we took the first road to the Dead Sea. Lots of great rock formations on this steep road, would be a great photo spot if we had more time. The road led to the valley south of the Dead Sea and came to a road to the right that led to Lot's cave. There was a Byzantine Monastery built on the spot in the about 12 miles south of Sodom. There was a rough road cut up the mountain but when we got to the top found the site was closed.
Any flat or almost flat spot along the Dead Sea had crops growing on the rocky fields. A lot of roadside stands were selling tomatoes, watermelon, and other fruit and vegetables. In fact, we saw hundreds of farmers roadside stands even on busy divided highways.

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