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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Moose on the Loose

Moose at Mineral Creek


Deer at 12,000 feet

There are a few Moose in the area but they are rarely seen although everyone tries to find them. This one was along Mineral Creek where the high brush gives him great places to hide. I had seen his footprints in the mud the day before and knew he was in the area but it was luck that allowed us to see hm at sunset through a break in the brush. He hung around for a few photos then walked away. Even though we knew where he was Linda standing on the seat and through the sunroof couldn't spot him again in the brush.
Marmots are the most common animal seen on the trail, sometime there are a group of them running in and out of the mine ruins. They make a high pitch whistle and are sometime referred to as "whistle pigs". They are a major hazard to vehicles in the high country as they like to chew on brake lines and other rubber parts of of your vehicle.
We also saw six deer up at the 12,000 feet, normally they are not that high up. Driving from Ouray to Silverton we saw more than thirty in the twenty four miles at dusk.

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