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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fog bow ?

Often we get some late afternoon rain and then the setting sun will sneak through the mountains to the west and we will get great rainbows both single and doubles in the valley east of camp. When we get a lot of rain at night you can be sure there will be fog in the morning making for some great photo opportunities. The challenge is to find the best place to be before the sun burns the fog off. Above camp there is a great spot to photograph the town of Silverton covered in clearing fog and a few miles to the west there can be a great view of rocky peaks poking through the fog. This morning the sun broke through the pass to the east as soon as it rose and to the west we had this bow of fog. Don't know what it would be called, at one point it started to form a double bow like you would see with a rainbow but with white being the only color.

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