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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Walk Through Damascus Old Town

Entering Souk from Hectic Main Street

The Original Gate and Arch at end of covered souk in front of Mosque

Street of coffee shops,artists, and craftsman behind Mosque

At the coffee shop

Pots always on

Rug merchants

The man on the wall is everywhere


The street through the covered souk goes to the mosque and continues on the other side of the mosque with many coffee shops, cafes, bakeries, and shops of artists and other craftsmen. Over the years I have come to know some of them and have taken back photos for them. We bought some paintings and some inlaid wooden boxes from these artists knowing the money goes to the artist and not some middle man. If your ever there stop at #58, he is an excellent box maker using local black walnut wood inlaid with pearl and other material. If he is closed the owner of the shop next door, who makes excellent inlaid furniture  and frames, will call him for you. Just to the south of this street is the Straight Street that also has an interesting variety of craftsmen shops, cafes, restaurants, churches, ancient buildings, and takes you to several city gates and archways.

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