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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Santa Fe

I'm in Santa Fe, New Mexico, was going to be here for a week but it's warming up at home so will spend a month here giving time for photography and to visit all the art gallerys in the area not to mention a chance to eat at the many great restaurants in the area. I can think of no place that has so many great restaurants. At home we have some good Mexican restaurants but here they take it to a whole new level. Not only is the taste so different but it is so much better, its hard to believe that only a few hundred miles there can be such a difference.
Don Messec has a printmaking studio in Santa Fe and I had an opportunity to spent some time in the studio this week as he is working with Jon Cone who is here from Vermont.  Jon Cone who has developed ink sets for digital printing was working with Don on inks for printing positives to be used to make polygravure plates. This is a process I have been working with for years and Don is a master printer that has done a lot to developed the process and continues to improve it.

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