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Monday, February 28, 2011

Self Portrait With Rock Art

The desert of Namibia at times was a lot like driving through the desert of Arizona. We hiked into an area of some great rock art. The best known was the "white lady" but there was a wide variety of both petroglyphs, rock carvings, and pictographs, painted images.
We camped that night at a camp that had pet Meerkats and a pet Spring Buck. the Spring Buck liked to be petted and the Meerkats wanted to be lap pets.
About dark a guy came around wanting to know if we wanted a show that night, no charge, donation only. We agreed and after dinner a group of about 25 showed at camp, I don't know where they came from as we were in a deserted area and didn't see any villages nearby. They were all the way from 3 years old and up including two pregnant ladies. About half of them wore shoes, the rest barefoot. It was one of those times you wish you had a good tape recorder. They sang and danced. One song was called "I don't want to dance" and by the end of it had our entire group up dancing. Another funny song was about an old Toyota and they went through the sound and motions of getting it running. When it was over they took donations, such a great group, they did very well.

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