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Monday, February 7, 2011

Camp Shower

This was the shower near my tent, you walked up a couple steps into a tree and when when you turned on the water it came down from above like rain. There was hot water also, a big plus. The toilet was back in some bushes and when you pulled a chain it flushed. We saw a lot of Elephants and Hippos during the day, in fact, it was like a wildlife stage show just across the river. During the night I heard Hippos on our side of the river and even heard some get out of the water on our side, being as big as they are they are not stealthy getting in and out of the water. It was still dark when I headed to the restroom and of course you shine the flashlight around checking for animals, in this case Hippos, before leaving the tent. None were visible even though I had heard them earlier. When I left the bathroom I again turned on the flashlight to check and was shocked to see two eyes shining out of the dark looking right at me. It took several seconds to realize it wasn't a Hippo but was the camp dog that had just followed me.

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