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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Camp at Ngepi, Namibia

This was a great camp with nice big grassy area and great bathrooms right across the river from Angola. There were a lot of Elephants playing on the far bank, they would go in the water and spray themselves with water then go up the dusty bank and spray themselves with dirt. Also lots of Hippos in the river.
The Ngepi Camp is famous for its bathrooms. There were several surrounded by 12 foot tall bamboo slat fences, one was labeled the Throne Room and inside the toilet was on top of a bank of dirt giving a view over the fence. In one you entered a maze that had men go one direction and women go the other direction, both mazes entered the same area and there was a pink toilet with the seat locked down with a padlock labeled "woman" and another toilet next to it with the seat locked in the up position labeled "men".

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