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Monday, June 25, 2012

LeMay car Museum

LeMay Car Museum

Indy Racer

Bug Eye Sprite


Just spent a couple weeks in Seattle area to attend granddaughters graduation*. Also got to see two great museums, one for cars and one for planes, both favorite subjects of mine. The LeMay Car Museum in Tacoma is spectacular both the building and the cars. There are four large floors that house cars from Mr LeMay's collection of 3500 vehicles and cars from other sources as well. Between each floor there are two large ramps that go the full length of the building and house other collections. One ramp had a number of Indy Racers from the Indy Museum and one ramp had a great selection of classic Ferrari's. My favorite was the ramp with great British sports cars including this great Sprite and a Sunbeam Tiger of which I have owned eight in total. Just need to finish the restoration on the 59 Bug Eye in my garage.
Also got to spend some time in the racing simulator of the Laguna Seca track, one of three racing  simulator you can try. When you go plan to spend a full day, I only had a few hours and saw only a fraction of two floors.

* One Graduated from college and two from high school where one gave the student speech. Yeah, one proud grandpa. Congratulations to Kaija, Lexi, and Samia.

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