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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Victoria Falls

There is a lot to do at Victoria falls besides walking with the Lions. Several of our group went on white water raft trips on the Zambezi River and came back with severe bruises from contact with boulders after being thrown out of the raft. Having made several white water raft trips through the Grand Canyon, I decided that it was safer to walk with the Lions than to take a raft trip when I saw the guides and the equipment they were going to use. It seems that safety is not a priority in Africa but I did notice after our Lion walk was over that a guide with a high powered rifle was following us but keeping out of site. One thing I was looking forward to was a Flight over the falls in a microlite aircraft but with the flight operation in Zimbabwe not operating the only ones available were in Zambia and they would not allow me to take my camera defeating the purpose of a flight. Our driver had taken a flight the year before with his camera and was able to get a great view of the falls.

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