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Monday, April 25, 2016

Big Island Hawaii

Glow from the lava lake

Lava lake about 2 miles from Volcano, Hawaii

 It's 57 degrees F (26C) in Hawaii as I leave the condo on an early morning photo trip. The Big Island is my favorite of the Hawaiian  Islands and I'm back for the first time in years on a two week photo trip. This time I'm staying in Volcano on the south east side. Yes, there is a town called Volcano, just outside the Volcano National Park and at 4000 feet elevation it is cooler than most places on the island.  If you drove down the highway you would not know there is a town here at all as you would only see the jungle. On the old road through town you would see only  a few buildings in this town with a  population of 2213. On the 4 blocks from the Inn's office to the condo only one building is visible before you turn off the road and drive through a tunnel of trees for a hundred feet to the condo in a clearing just big enough for a couple parking spaces and a building which is surrounded buy ferns that are 2 story tall.

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