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Monday, July 21, 2014

Vancouver, BC Road Trip


The ponds had a large variety of Water Lilies

Suspension Bridge

Treetop Walk

For many years I have taken many road trips, "are we there yet?", with the granddaughters but the other day they took me on a road trip to north of  Vancouver BC. They drove through the city of Vancouver both ways, I was just the passenger, "are we there yet?" They never got lost even though it was their first time here also.

 In the top photo on the right is Kaija who just graduated from Western Washington University here in Bellingham. On the left is Samia who will graduate from the University of Washington next year. Graduating at age 20, sure beat me.

Our first stop was the VanDusen Gardens in downtown Vancouver with a large selection of flowers and trees along with a waterfall and a maze. Samia does great photos of flowers and this was the place for flowers.

The next stop was Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. The suspension bridge is 450 feet long and 230 feet high and has been there since 1889. There is also a treetop walk that goes from tree to tree in several cable suspended sections. The treetop walk is up to 10 stories high in trees that have stood here for over 1000 years. What fun. Thanks ladies.

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