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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bus on Kendall Peak

Went back up Kendall Peak with some friends to check out this old bus. It was right outside a large mine shaft and must have been used to live in as someone had taken out all the seats and added wiring for 110 volts. In the brush nearby there was an old four cylinder generator that must have supplied the power. The jeep trail up here is a twisted, rocky, and steep so getting it up here was not easy. It must have been here a long time as the tires have been mostly chewed up by the Marmots. The roof has some rocks on it and is dented in apparently from avalanches.   

The bus itself is very interesting. The body is made of aluminum and was powered by a flathead  V8 Ford engine, the same engine that powered Ford cars until 1953. The frame, which you would expected to have heavy rust, was in great condition and appeared to galvanized to protect it from corrosion. The bumper appeared to be thin strips of nickle and the space between them and the body was taken up by thick pieces of oak. The radiator and dash were also framed in oak wood. On what would be the curb side you could still make out the words "Danville City Lines". There is no manufactures plate viable anywhere but it would be interesting to know the make and history of this bus.

 We have a big hot rod meet in Lake Havasu every fall and there are always a couple small old buses that have been turned into hot rod motor homes. While this one is beyond hope there must be others like it that could be turned into an interesting vintage Ford powered motor home. It would sure look cool.

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