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Friday, March 30, 2012


Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Blue Mosque, Detail

In our digital age millions of photos are taken everyday with small digital cameras or even cell phones. The vast majority are only see on Facebook, Flickr, or other blogs or websites if even seen at all. Some may be seen as 4x6 prints from the drugstore printers. In the old days, say maybe ten years ago, the photographer, or a printer working for the photographer, would take the negatives into the darkroom and after making test prints would make a final print. This final print  was how photographs were seen.

This week I  made 12x18 inch prints to take to a gallery in Istanbul from the above two photos and the one from the other day. They are now on the desk waiting to be packed and comparing them to what I see on the blog really shows what we have given up for the convenience of the computer screen. while the prints were made from digital files not negatives they are 16 bit files of 200-500 Mb with all the layers and printed on a professional  printer at 360dpi in ProPhoto RGB color space. To put them on the web they are taken down to 8 bit files of around 200k at 72dpi in sRGB, a much smaller, color space. If you do any photography I would encourage you to sometime have one of your photos printed by a professional printer, you will be amazed by what a photograph can be.

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