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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cape Town and Table Mountain

After 7,000 miles we get our first view of our destination. Cape town is a beautiful modern town. The center of town is right on the harbor and has great shops, restaurants, and shopping malls that would looked like they could be in downtown Scottsdale. The one big two story mall at the harbor has a couple theaters, designer shops, and great restaurants that were welcome after our last two months on the road. The only difference from a fancy stateside shopping and tourist center were the number of security guards. In the banks and shops there were guards carry shotguns.
One of the guide books said everyone loves Cape Town until they are mugged for the first time. For me it took three days. Once in one of the shops I was telling the owner that this part of Africa looked a lot like my home state of Arizona. He then asked a question I had never been asked. He asked "how much violence is there?" He had so many breakins and robberies making that his biggest problem for his business. Yes, we are luckey.

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